Inspired by Chef: an ambassador team!

The Ambassador project sparks from an idea full of passion; sparks from the willingness to get close toour clients; sparks from our need to be closer to our Mission: machines created by chefs for chefs.

A Chef Ambassador is a gelato or pastry chef who has a passion for the tradition of artisanal Italian gelato, love for our technology and understands the value of sharing.

For us, to award someone this role is a heartfelt recognition to the people behind successful businesses for all of their work, their passion and their research.

But it’s not just this.

It means as well get to know these people directly and create a conversation aimed at improving our job and our technology thanks to the know-how of each single professional.

We strongly believe that we can build the best machines for our customers only by listening closely to them. This is the foundation of our project.

Who are the Ambassadors Iceteam1927?

They are gelato and pastry chefs who, thanks to their passion for our company had always had a constructive dialogue with Iceteam1927.

Our ambassadors can take part in meetings, conferences, previews of our machines and professional training on different topics.

Another big plus for our Ambassadors is the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive group of professionals and to exchange ideas and opinions with them.

The keyword for this project is SHARING and Iceteam1927 is proud to share its structure and its know-how with its Ambassadors.