Mattia Macchelli

Locale: Bigmamma groupe





Tradition and technology, generosity and sophistication, sensuality of the flavours and perfection in the texture. In Mattia Macchelli’s creations Italian Gelato meets French haute-pâtisserie.

Born in Romagna, Mattia moved to Paris almost ten years ago, he brought with him the richness and the authenticity of the cuisine of his land.

After working for some of the best gelato shops in Italy, now Mattia is the executive ice-cream chef for the international catering group, BIG MAMMA.

Inside his gelatos the ingredients of the Italian excellency mix with exquisite exotic perfumes in surprising combinations of harmony and contrasts.

France, Spain, England and Germany have already embraced the uniqueness of his recipes, while new horizons stand out in his future.

Other locations: 10 restaurants in France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseilles; 3 in London and 2 in Madrid

Instagram: @bigmammagroup