Sebastián Alejandro Lobos  González

Locale: Comercial Tres Almendros

Tel: +56 224841400

Indirizzo: José de San Martín 102 Colina



Sebastián Lobos started his career at INACAP, throughout his studies he worked in many kitchens. In 2010 he discovered his love for artisanal gelato and pastry. In the same year he started working at Comercial Tres Almendros where he followed courses from different schools like Mundo Helados (Argentina) and GelAteneo level 1, 2, 3 (Italy).
He graduated in 2017 in Engineering and Business Administration with a mention in Marketing at INACAP Apoquindo, he later became a pastry teacher at the same school.
He organises courses of gelato with GelAteneo and Casa Optima and he opened the international school Casa Optima in Chile, appointed best academic model among the branches in 2020.
He takes part in two big organisations, @lestoquesblanches and @pastry_bakery_chile, through which he tries to spread artisanal gelato and to promote local Chilean products in the gelato world.

Facebook: @sebalobosg_elatero