Elisa Volanti

Elisa started her experience in food services sector in 2006. Since then, she has been showing a preference for pastry. During her professional path, she carried out various work experiences including, in 2010, that in the pastry laboratory of the renowned restaurant “Il San Domenico di Imola”, rewarded by the Michelin Guide by two stars. Here, she learned the main techniques of international pastry methods. Once gained the degree of “Technician for Professional Services in Food Services”, she started her adventure in the gelato world with Iceteam1927. She is responsible for the gelato school GelAteneo taking care of the demonstrations, both in Italy and abroad.

Jacopo Chelli

Born and raised in Bologna, the World's Capital of Gelato, since when he was a child he couldn't stay away from the most popular frozen dessert. Since 2014, after completing his scientifical studies, he decides to transform his passion in his job, and he starts to work in one of the oldest and most famous gelato shop in his city: Gelateria Gianni. There, producing up to 800kg of gelato every day, he learns the basis of a job with thousands of shapes and shades. From this launch pad he started, after numerous insights and continuous studies, to combine his passion for gelato with the one for traveling, making the firsts consultancies in Italy and abroad. Since January 2018 he collaborates with Iceteam1927 to spread the culture of real Italian artisanal gelato with courses, training and masterclasses around Europe and Asia.

Maurizio Paci

After completing his studies in food chemistry in 1972, he started with passion to work on Gelato. He started a collaboration with semi-finished products’ industries. In 1980, he moved to the United States to open an Ice-cream shop chain as a consultant. During that period, new ice-cream shops in San Diego in California were set up: they were called “Gelatamore”. He specialized in industrial plants and artisanal ice-cream. He attended a course of Food Science at San Diego University and achieved a Master Degree in Dairy Food Technology in 1985. When he got back to Italy, he started a collaboration with Coldelite - Iceteam 1927 for the development of new ice-cream machines. He created an innovative software called Smart5, which is a reference tool for any Gelatiere that wants to balance and know his own Gelato.

Giacomo Schiavon

Giacomo started to learn his actual activity working for many years at Gelateria PINO in Via Castiglione; Giacomo has been distinguished for his passion and his capacities. In 1994, when he was only 25 years old, he opened the "Sorbetteria Castiglione". Today "La Sorbetteria" has become an empire of gourmet and a temple of pleasure. Every year are consumed 2000 kilograms of pistachio paste, strictly selected, toasted and refined by him. He gained prizes for the best chocolate in the world in 1996, prized for his "gianduia" at the ice-cream exhibition in Viareggio and winner in "the best on his sector in the world" with the Passion Award 2009.

Filippo Guarnieri

Fin dall’inizio della propria carriera, concentra parte del suo tempo nell’apprendimento e nell’istruzione personale, frequentando corsi e approfondimenti con alcuni tra i più importanti formatori del settore. Nel 2006 inizia a praticare la formazione attiva, gestendo i primi corsi di formazione e collaborando con diverse realtà nel mondo dell’istruzione professionale nel settore della gelateria artigianale e della pasticceria artigianale fredda sia in Italia che all’estero. Nel 2016 e 2017 si dedica quasi esclusivamente alla formazione professionale gestendo la docenza di gelateria artigianale nell’ambito di una importante realtà accademica italiana di Roma. Dal 2017 è consulente tecnico di alcune aziende del gruppo ALI, il gruppo italiano leader mondiale per la costruzione di attrezzature per la produzione di alimenti. Dal 2006 si occupa inoltre di consulenze tecniche per l’apertura o la ricollocazione nel mercato di gelaterie, pasticcerie o aziende di produzione per conto terzi, circa la realizzazione dei prodotti della gelateria artigianale e della pasticceria artigianale fredda.

Matteo Casone

Raised and born in Bologna, Matteo discovered the love for Gelato as a young boy. After completing his studies in Business and Economics, he has been developing his skills as a consultant focusing on Gelato. He experienced the GelAteneo school with Maestro Giacomo Schiavon and started his Gelato business in Bologna. He moved to Australia to launch the “La Macelleria - Your Gelato Experience” gelateria project, that was awarded one of the 100 top food experience of Queensland for two consecutive years. Matteo stands out for his genuine passion for quality and tradition.

Matteo Zini

I studied at the University of Bologna, the oldest University in the world, graduating with a Masters Degree in Economics and Trade Marketing. After three years experience as a Marketing Specialist for a large company in Italy, and after a six month trip around Australia in 2009, I decided it was time to use my skills and experience to evolve from a Gelato Lover to an international Gelato Master. The first step of this transformation was to study at GelAteneo. The course was taught by Giacomo Schiavon, owner of Bologna’s iconic and historically significant ‘La Sorbetteria Castiglione’. In 2013, with the help of a friend, I opened my very first Gelato parlour on the site of an old butcher’s shop in Bologna. Fittingly, we named it ‘La Macelleria’. In 2014, after learning the realities of running a successful Gelato business, we realised our vision and moved ‘La Macelleria’ to Brisbane, Australia. The store now has a reputation as one of the best Gelato parlours in Australia. Through Gelato and our dedicated education as Gelato Masters, we were able to move to the country we had dreamed of living in – a country we believed was in great need of an introduction to the True Art of Gelato. I have since become the official Brand Ambassador and Gelato Teacher for Iceteam1927 in Australia and Asia.

Giorgio Zanatta

Qualified pastry and gelato maker, Giorgio begins to accumulate experience from traditional venetian gelaterias After a few years as professional NCO of Italian Army – Mountain Troops, he returns to the Gelato’s world as an entrepreneur buying an Gelateria in Piedmont, Asti. At the same time continuing the coaching as assistant of the most famous Italian Gelato MasterChefs. Inflexible Director of a lot of Gelato festivals and events, he is a professional figure who brings knowledge of italian Gelato art to the world, a Gelato Master with the European certification UNI CEI EN 45013. Since 2007 Giorgio has been focusing his activity in the branch of "consulting & training" in Italy and abroad, specializing in start-ups. He collaborates with the most renowned magazines in the sector and numerous companies in the raw materials sector. In 2018 he joined the Iceteam1927 staff as Gelato Chef.