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Iceteam 1927

ICETEAM 1927 ALI GROUP has been incorporated in 2010 as a single company, founded to group four historical brands with their respective traditions and technologies.


First and foremost, and a true cornerstone for the entire project, there is CATTABRIGA brand. In 1927 a talented Italian engineer, Otello Cattabriga, patented a mechanical system to make Italian style gelato. The system actually imitated the “Stir & Stick” movement of Italian gelato makers of his time. Since then, CATTABRIGA has represented top quality in gelato and the source of major technological leaps in the industry. The range can line up unique products such as “Effe”, a highly iconic vertical batch freezer, and many others, up to the Multifreeze PRO batch freezer, a multispeed and unmatched unit.Since its startup, ICETEAM 1927 has developed CATTABRIGA maintaining the brand as a signature of its top technology and premium range of equipment.


Nearly as important as CATTABRIGA and following close in terms of tradition and prestige, COLDELITE brand has always been associated with new challenges and technologies.
What has always been special about this brand is the very direct and constructive relationship with gelato makers, generating a continuous feedback from the market aimed at improving the product. In recent years, COLDELITE has specialized into the “combo” system, meaning pasteurizing and batch freezing in a single unit.
In Early 2011, ICETEAM 1927 has extended the Multifreeze patent, originally by CATTABRIGA, to the COLDELITE Compacta combo unit. The outcome is the COMPACTA VARIO, one of the fastestly growing units in the market today.


Besides the two founding brands, PROMAG brand has joined the project backed by its own history. PROMAG was started in 1986 as an evolution of the old company MARK. Since 1966, it has been a driving force for innovation & marketing in the Italian gelato industry; among these, the first horizontal batch freezer.

As it became part of ICETEAM, Promag has been wisely repositioned as an entry level brand, featuring solid and hard-working pasteurizers and batch freezers in a “no frills” design.


Coming last, but not least, OTT FREEZER is an originally Swiss brand founded in 1935 by Erwin Ott. Soon after its incorporation, it became a landmark for quality and innovation, and so it has remained for 80 years. Today, OTT branded units still are one of the most versatile technologies for gelato, pastry preparations and gastronomy sauces.

As it became part of ICETEAM, OTT FREEZER has remained untouched in its talents, while relying on new resources for a full-scale relaunching as top class brand.